New Zealand Kayak Instructors Award Scheme

The NZKI award scheme was formed in response to a growing need in the Kayaking Industry to have more people with Kayaking qualifications and to encourage more kayakers towards expanding their skills and knowledge to continue to increase the safety of our sport. 

The NZKI Award Scheme is structured around the assessment of skills and knowledge that is required for the type of activity to be undertaken by the Instructor or Guide. 

A star is awarded for each level achieved, starting off with the NZKI One Star for personal paddling skills and knowledge and moving up to the NZKI Five Star for an Assessor. 

The criteria that the Assessors will use is:

“That the skill is undertaken-taught in a safe, progressive manner and the participant and or student enjoys the experience and gains success and confidence”

“The Assessor will recognize that there are many different ways, methods and skills taught and performed in kayaking and will assess each on its own merit, based on the above guideline.”

“The Assessor will only use the standard NZKI Assessment form for assessments and will make notes about improvements required and the courses recommended to rectify any deficiency. A copy of this will be given to the Candidate”

The participant may choose any suitable craft (Assessors discretion) for the Assessment including Sit on Tops Kayaks. 

The successful Candidate’s pass is recorded on the NZKI Web page along with the type of craft used, the Assessor and the date passed.

All candidates acknowledge that any and all disputes arising from any Assessment activity run under this scheme will be heard by a minimum of two NZKI Five Star Assessors and their decision is final and binding and the Candidate agrees in advance to accept that decision is final and binding on them.

The NZKI Award Scheme does not set any pre-conditions on the Candidates taking part on an assessment, but recommends strongly that all instructors keep a log book of their kayaking history, maintains a current First Aid Course and continues to attend courses and work shops to enhance their skills and knowledge

Candidates must complete each of the NZKI Stars in order from One to Five.

Candidates that fail in more than three areas of the assessment will be given a list of courses to attend, to build up the areas needed and will have to pay their Assessment Fee again.

Candidates that are deferred on no more than three areas will be given a list of courses to attend, to build up the areas needed and given two months to re-sit those areas with no additional charge for reassessment.

Assessors must attend a yearly workshop for peer review, to share and gain ideas and confirm the current standard of skills required to pass each NZKI Star.

 Instructors may award skill based assessments below their own Star Rating.

All Instructor levels must be assessed by a Five Star Assessor, who has not  been predominantly traininng the candidate.

Assessment Dates

Assessments are run from your local Canoe & Kayak Centre on a regular basis and on demand, please contact your local Canoe & Kayak Centre for dates.

Employers please note

It is essential to recognize that any NZKI Instructor or Guide has been assessed and passed at the date shown beside their name and in no way can this pass comment on their current skills and abilities.  These should be reconfirmed by the employer at the time of employment and enhanced though out the Instructor - Guides employment with suitable on going training.

 Assessor can access NZKI Exams & Paper work by clicking here.

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