NZKI five Star Sea Kayak Scope

NZKI 5 Star is the highest award in the NZKI system.  It enables the holder to assess all levels of the award scheme.

5 Star Profile

A NZKI 5 Star paddler will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in assessing paddle strokes and rescues on intermediate water conditions;
  • Plan and prepare an assessment of a NZKI 2 or 4 Star Instructor;
  • Role model accepted environmental practices and
  • Role model best kayaking skills.

Instructional Scope

A NZKI 5 Star kayaker will be able to assess all levels with on the Canoe & Kayak NZKI award scheme. 


To be assessed for the NZKI 5 Star award the participant must:

  • No less than 5 years of current logged experience as a senior kayak instructor;
  • Hold a NZKI 4 Star kayak award or equivalent;
  • Hold a current outdoor 1st Aid Certificate;
  • Hold a VHF Radio Operators Certificate and
  • Have completed the skills active assessor training and be qualified as an assessor for the NZ Certificate in Outdoor Leadership Kayaking and Sea Kayaking..


To maintain a NZKI 5 Star qualification the holder must:

  • 1 day of professional development annually;
  • Maintain the Skills Active Assessor qualification;
  • Completed 20 days of new logged kayak trips annually and
  • Undertake a peer review session every 2 years.




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