NZKI Sea kayak Three Star Award Holders

Awarded to Type of craft used Assessor Date Passed
 Tony Barrett Sea Kayak  Peter Townend  July 2007
 Russell Williams Penguin  Peter Townend  December 2010
 Neil Thompson  Shearwater  Peter Townend  February 2011
 Dave Atkins  Sea Kayak  Peter Townend  March 2011
 Trevor Jones  Sea Kayak  Peter Townend  April 2011
 Daniel Moses  Skua  Peter Townend  March 2012
 Bronnievan Lith  Penguin  Peter van Lith  November 2013
 Craig Earley  Penguin  Petr van Lith  March 2014
Todd Dorset  Sea Kayak  Peter Townend  February 2016

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